• Confined Water Surface Supplied Manifold (AZ100)

    Atlantic Diving Equipment

  • $2,375.00

  • Description

    This manifold is designed to safely transfer gas from topside cylinders to divers below. The various components are positioned in an optimal layout and mounted to an aluminum back panel to allow for easy transport. It can also be mounted to a hand cart for easy mobility along with two supply cylinders. It has a maximum supply pressure of 3500 psi.

    • Dual independent HP air supply
    • Cylinder connectors are DIN / yoke convertible
    • 3500 psi working pressure
    • Line valves have one-way valves built in
    • Venting regulator allows you to dial in the desired intermediate pressure
    • HP supply gauge is 0 – 5000 psi (0 – 350 bar)
    • IP gauge is 0 – 300 psi (0 – 20 bar)
    • Four ¼ turn delivery valves
    • Four brass quick-connects with locking collars
    • Safety relief valve
    • Mounted to anodized aluminum back board 23.6 x 17.75” (60 x 40 cm)
    • Hand cart mountable - Includes mounting hardware: 4 ea. hex head cap screws, flat washers, lock washers and wing nuts

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