MK-21 Integrated Dive Vest - IDV16509  
Part Number Size Description
IDV16509-SM Small MK-21 Integrated
Dive Vest
IDV16509-MD Medium
IDV16509-LG Large
IDV16509-XL Extra Large
IDV16509-2XL Double Extra Large


Designed for use with the Navy MK-21 rebreather
1 Integrated Dive Vest
1 Includes bailout tank backpack
1 Includes two Clinch Straps (TCS100T & TCS100B) for the attachment of bailout tank
1 Includes two Weight Pockets allowing up to (3) 5 pound weights per side
1 Includes adjustable length chest strap
1 Includes jock strap
1 Adjustable length shoulders straps with two stainless steel adjusters
1 2" nylon webbing - made in the USA
1 18-8 stainless steel rivet construction
1 Two 2" 304 grade stainless steel D-rings at waist
1 Two 2" 304 grade stainless steel D-rings at closure
1 One 2" stainless steel lifting D-ring
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